Daily 2 - Daily - Jun Yasumoto - Chairs - Colos
Daily 2 - Daily - Jun Yasumoto - Chairs - Colos

Daily 2

Jun Yasumoto , 2021

The DAILY 2 chair features a retro design, which is reminiscent of the old-fashioned school chairs with arms that were reserved for teachers or placed in conference rooms. 

The two generous armrests, made from tubular metal, immediately make the chair comfortable, resulting in a more original, dynamic-looking design. They are sized to comfortably support the arms, which is also handy for reading a newspaper or tablet: this makes the wood and metal armchair ideal for cafes, bars and breakout spaces. 

Daily 2 seating is stackable and offers a choice of two finishes for the curved plywood (natural oak or black oak) and two finishes for the frame (black or white). The collection also includes an armless chair model.

Daily collection



Jun Yasumoto

Jun Yasumoto

Japanese and French parents, and a life straddling Tokyo and Paris: Jun Yasumoto brings together two cultures that are worlds apart. Minimalism on one hand, romanticism on the other.

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