Daily 1 - Daily - Jun Yasumoto - Chairs - Colos
Daily 1 - Daily - Jun Yasumoto - Chairs - Colos

Daily 1

Jun Yasumoto , 2021

The DAILY 1 chair is a practical product inspired by tradition with its metal frame paired with a wooden back and seat. 

The elegant retro-feel design is reminiscent of old-fashioned school chairs and is thus ideally suited to places like classrooms, study halls and lecture theatres. However, the traditional shape means this is a versatile product, slotting seamlessly into public settings, like vintage-look bars and restaurants. 

Daily 1 seating is stackable and offers a choice of two finishes for the curved plywood (natural oak or black oak) and two finishes for the frame (black or white). The collection also includes a chair model with arms.

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Jun Yasumoto

Jun Yasumoto

Japanese and French parents, and a life straddling Tokyo and Paris: Jun Yasumoto brings together two cultures that are worlds apart. Minimalism on one hand, romanticism on the other.

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