Vu B/T-Q-R - Vu - Jeremiah Ferrarese - Tables - Colos
Vu B/T-Q-R - Vu - Jeremiah Ferrarese - Tables - Colos

Vu B/T-Q-R

Jeremiah Ferrarese , 2019

The name VU derives from the distinguishing structure of these tables. In the version with square or round top, the four legs are in a radial pattern, allowing the use of tops sized up to 130 cm.

The rectangular tables of VU collection, unlike the previous versions, are with tripod base and three standard top sizes. However, thanks to the adaptability of their structure, the dimension of table tops can be customized in various sizes according to customer’s requirements.



Vu collection



Jeremiah Ferrarese

Jeremiah Ferrarese

A native of Padua, Jeremiah Ferrarese graduated from IUAV, the Venice School of Architecture, in 2006. Since 2005, he has collaborated with Venetian architect Paolo Scagnellato, who sparked his interest in industrial design. 

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