Vu B/T-Q-R - Vu - Jeremiah Ferrarese - Tables - Colos
Vu B/T-Q-R - Vu - Jeremiah Ferrarese - Tables - Colos

Vu B/T-Q-R

Jeremiah Ferrarese , 2019

The VU tables get their name from the distinctive conformation of their frame, which is reminiscent of the letter V. 

This collection of tables designed for bars and restaurants provides an extensive range of options to choose from: with a square, round or rectangular top, and legs set in a trestle arrangement at either end or radiating out from the centre. 

The model with the central base, which comes with either a round or square top, sits effortlessly in public settings, such as bars and restaurants, or private surroundings, like dining rooms with a contemporary vibe. The rectangular version, featuring a more generously sized surface, instead makes an excellent choice for study halls, meeting rooms and canteens, which need to seat more people.

The base and top come in a choice of white or black, while round tops have the added option of a natural oak finish. 

Rectangular tables in the Vu collection have a versatile trestle arrangement, which means they can also accommodate custom tops tailored to individual design requirements. 

Vu collection



Jeremiah Ferrarese

Jeremiah Ferrarese

A native of Padua, Jeremiah Ferrarese graduated from IUAV, the Venice School of Architecture, in 2006. Since 2005, he has collaborated with Venetian architect Paolo Scagnellato, who sparked his interest in industrial design. 

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