Colos at Host 2019

Colos would like to thank all visitors at our stand at Host 2019. We look forward to seeing you at the next event, the again in Milan, at Host 2019.


VILLA is an entirely metal chair featuring a steel rod frame and a mesh shell. Inspired by the outdoor seating in natural cane typical of Parisian terraces, VILLA reinterprets the assembly method of the structural components with the aim of composing single parts to achieve an effective structural rigidity. Through a subtle play of curves and connections, the shell is slightly raised laterally from the legs, thus making the chair easy to move and manage. Suitable for every furnished setting, ...


STECCA is not merely a chair, but a whole family of seating accommodations with catchy flowing shapes reminiscent of bentwood chairs. All the STECCA chairs are robust aluminium lightweights whose uses could not be more versatile, on top of all for outdoor. No matter where you encounter a STECCA, its easygoing and warm nature will always welcome you and invite you for a relaxed seating.


At first glance, PIAZZA appears familiar because it has the pleasant features of an old friend. The coffeehouse chair of the 1920’s served as a model for its balanced and friendly form as well as its high seating comfort. In its versatility it however surpasses its wooden ancestors. Manufactured in one single piece of plastic, it resists to wind and  weather. It is available in a subtle colour scheme which matches both old and new.At first glance, PIAZZA appears familiar because it has the...


The SPLIT world definitely deserves to be explored: the chair’s got some original and innovative lines, while its inner qualities can be felt when sitting. Its frame and shell are composed of synthetic materials with variable portions of fiber glass. This ensures both a stable feet and a flexible seat. The use of materials is reduced to a minimum, giving SPLIT a physical and optical lightness. A close look at it will therefore reveal what it has to offer.


C1 is almost more minimalist than its name: reduced to the minimum, its contours reflect the very basic idea of a practical chair. A delicate tubular steel frame with simple seat and backrest enable it to acquire an emblematic character. Due to its simplicity and carefully designed details, C1 can be produced in four variations. For indoor or outdoor use, the implicitness of its appearance remains the same.