TORRE origins from the harmony between an archaic geometry, as circle, and more elaborate lines, as the curves shaping the back and its frame. These elements, inspired by the traditional bistro chairs, give the product a classic and friendly touch, adaptable to the most diverse environments, modern and traditional, indoor and outdoor. TORRE, available as a chair or stool, is entirely in polypropylene and offers the chance to be stacked vertically, allowing the most efficient use of space when...


Alfiere tables, mostly meant for hospitality, are adaptable also to residential and commercial spaces. Simple, expressive and resistant, these tables are composed by a round cast iron base, able to grant a perfect stability, and a tubular steel column available in two different heights. Tops are available in several shapes and sizes: round, square or in a new slightly rectangular version conceived for bistrot.


The name VU derives from the distinguishing structure of these tables. In the version with square or round top, the four legs are in a radial pattern, allowing the use of tops sized up to 130 cm. In the rectangular version, legs are positioned as a tripod and fixed to a particular connector that supports the two beams on which the top rests, in positions that can be determined each time. The result is the chance to choose the length of the table, making it adaptable to the most diverse spaces...


The tables from QU collection, with metal tubular structure and metal sheet top, are self-leveling. This feature, along with the lightness of the top, makes it specifically practical to be used with slightly uneven outdoor floors.


As the name suggests, PI letter from Greek alphabet inspired the project of this multipurpose element. Francesco Meda had the ability to create an object with an ancient flavour, by reinterpreting the characteristic design of this letter and converting it into a concrete item. The result is an iconic design piece, having a friendly and elegant presence, with strong sculptural content highlighted by the use of the rotational technology.
PIGRECO has got several functionalities: it is actu...